True Parents Words from 1979

1979 Motto, January 1, 1979:

"The Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven through Home Church"

 Table of Contents

Prayer: Your Long Suffering Road Since Man's Fall (January 1, 1979)

Home Church And The Completion Of The Kingdom Of Heaven (1/1/79)

The Polarization of Two Conflicting Forces Excerpt (1/1/79)

Our Position (1/2/79)

Home Church And The Battle Of Love (1/7/79)

Let Us Restore Our Homeland And Fatherland (1/14/79)

Restored Family (1/21/79)

The Sound Of The Bell Of The Mind (1/28/79)

The First Day And Our Lifetime (2/2/79)

State Leader's Conference Directions February 3, 1979

The Present Time (2/4/79)

What Shall We Do? (2/11/79)

Eternal Happiness (2/25/79)


Unification Church And Heavenly Law (3/1/79)

Our One Life (3/4/79)

The Way Of Prosperity And Defeat (3/11/79)

Return To Hometown (3/18/79)

Heaven And Us (3/25/79)

State Leader's Conference, March 27, 1979

True Parents Day And Our Family (3/28/79)

Spring Season Of The Providence (4/1/79)

The Importance Of Prayer (4/15/79)

The Importance Of Prayer (4/15/79)

Subject and Object Relationship Excerpt (4/15/79)

Prayer and Action (April 15, 1979)

Principle of Father-Son Relationship (April 15, 1979 - Excerpt)

The Mission Of Our Life (4/22/79)

Mankind And The Ideal World (4/29/79)

25th Anniversary Of The Unification Church (5/1/79)

Let Us Think (5/6/79)

Day Of All Things (5/26/79)

True Couple (5/27/79)

Reflection Upon Life (6/1/79)

The Trust Placed In Us (6/3/79)

What Kind Of Thought Do You Have? (6/10/79)

Record-Setter Of History (7/1/79)

Opening Talk - Morning Session Fourth Directors' Conference (7/4/79)

Thanksgiving To God's Will (7/8/79)

Let Us Analyze Ourselves (9/16/79)

Historical View Of The Dispensation (9/18/79)

Men Of God (9/23/79)

Let Us Know Ourselves (9/30/79)

Day of the Victory of Heaven (10/3/79)

Our Present Position (10/7/79)

Territory Of Goodness (10/14/79)

God Of Lamentation (10/21/79)

Ideal Home (11/4/79)

Do Not Be Discouraged (11/11/79)

Children's Day And Tradition (11/20/79)

House Of Providence (12/9/79)

The Original Base Of Cosmic Completion (12/16/79)

The Contrast Between Secular People And Us (12/23/79)

The Contrast Between Secular People And Us (slightly different version 12/2379)

The True Meaning Of Christmas (12/25/79)

The True Meaning Of Christmas (slightly different version 12/25/79)

Abels' Right Path From The Providential Point Of View (12/30/79)

Abels' Right Path From The Providential Point Of View Excerpt (12/30/79)

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