True Parents Words from 1980

1980 Motto, January 1, 1980:

"Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven"

 Table of Contents

Grateful God's Day (1/1/80)

Home Church Is The Base Of The Kingdom Of Heaven (1/1/80)

To The MFT (1/2/80)

Myself (1/13/80)

Individual Course Of Life (1/20/80)

Line Of Limitation (1/27/80)

Ideal Nation Of God (2/21/80)

The Dispensation Of Restoration And Myself (4/6/80)

The Completion Of The Providence And Parents' Day (4/15/80)

The Completion of the Providence and Parent's Day (April 16, 1980)

True Parents' Mission (4/20/80)

Stony Path Of Death (4/27/80)

Persecution And Blessing (5/1/80)

Liquidation And Blessing (May 18, 1980)

 State Leaders Conference, May 19, 1980 (5/19/80)

Cross Over The Boundary (6/1/80)

The Way Of Original Form (6/8/80)

Day Of All Things (6/13/80)

Our Tradition (6/15/80)

 The Necessity Of Prayer (6/22/80)

The Victorious Day (6/29/80)

Historical Standard Of Indemnity (July 1,1980)

The Way Of Tuna (7/13/80)

Total Self Reevaluation (9/14/80)

The World Of Good And Evil And My Indemnity (9/28/80)

True Father's Letter to Ye Jin Nim (10/1980)

The Meaning Of The Full Bow (10/1/80)

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven (10/4/80)

Our Duty, Our Mission (10/5/80)

Let Us Set The Record (10/12/80)

Historical Children's Day (October 28, 1980)

Let Us Give Thanks (11/23/80)

Searching After True Parents (December 7, 1980)

Home Church And Myself (12/14/80)

Christmas In View Of The Will Of God (December 25, 1980)

Thinking Back Historically (12/28/80)

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