True Parents Words from 1986

1986 Motto, January 1, 1986:

"Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven"

 Table of Contents

True Father's Speech to International Blessed Children in Korea (5/4/86)

International Conferences For Clergy Banquet Speech (5/15/86)

The Day Of All Things 1986 (6/7/86)

The Globe Is Our Home (6/8/86)

True Parents And I (6/15/86)

Highest Ownership (6/22/86)

The Standard Of The Unification Church (8/10/86)

The Glory Of The Victor (8/31/86)

The Future Of The Religious Person (9/1/86)

Road Toward The Ideal (9/7/86)

Absolute Values and The New Cultural Revolution - True Love and the Unified World (11/28/86)

The Last Frontier (12/7/86)

The Heavenly Family And The American Family (12/14/86)

Ideal Home Church (12/21/86)

Reflection Of 1986 (12/28/86)


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