True Parents Words from 1989

1989 Motto, January 1, 1989:

"The Unification of Korea"

 Table of Contents

Notes on Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Midnight God's Day Speech 1989 (1/1/89)

(Part 1) My Blessing in Korea, 1275 couples (January 12, 1989)

1275 Couples Blessing (January 12, 1989)

The Tribal Messiah (2/5/89)

The Tribal Messiah Unofficial Version (2/5/89)

Hometown (2/12/89)

Our Church And Korea As Seen From The Providence Of God (2/19/89)

Let Us Liberate God (2/26/89)

The Age of Indemnity and Our Era (3/2/89)

Unite, The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand (3/5/89)

The End Of The World And Our Age (3/19/89)

The End of the World and Our Age Different Version (3/19/89)

The End of the World and Our Age Unofficial Version (3/19/89)

This Is The Time Of Change (4/1/89)

Let Us Live Well (4/2/89)

Let Us Live Well Unofficial Version (4/2/89)

True Parents And The Realm Of Liberation (4/6/89)

True Parents and the Realm of Liberation Unofficial Version (4/6/89)

Leaders Conference (4/8/89)

Living in the Time of the Highest Point in History (4/9/89)

God's Heavenly Successful Realm Which Will Be Given To Us (4/30/89)

Founding Anniversary And Final Liberation (5/1/89)

Founding Anniversary and Final Liberation Different Version (5/1/89)

The Founding Anniversary and Final Liberation (5/1/89)

Let Us Return to the Origin (5/21/89)

Our Whole Life and the Dispensation (5/28/89)

Love Imagination Perspective (6/1/89)

Day of All Things and Ownership (6/4/89)

The Day of All Things and the Right of Ownership (6/4/89)

Leaders Conference (6/5/89)

How Great Love Is! (6/11/89)

Rev. Moon's Prayer (8/31/89)

The Age of Heavenly Parentism (9/10/89)

The Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation and the Providential Age of Love (10/4/89)

Leaders' Conference (11/23/89)

Leaders' Meeting (11/28/89)

Pinnacle Of The Heavenly Universe (12/1/89)

Interview with Rev. Moon, A Message To The Soviet Union (12/1/89)

The Pride Of The Unification Church (12/10/89)

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