True Parents Words from 1990

1990 Motto Chongpadong, Korea, January 1, 1990:

"The Unification of My Country"

 Table of Contents

God's Day 1990 Morning Address (1/1/90)

God's Day 1990 - The Unification Of My Country (1/1/90)

Heaven And Man Unite And Create Goodness (1/1/90)

7th Day Of The Victory Of Love (1/2/90)

Father's Seventieth Birthday Address (2/1/90)

My Life (2/1/90)

Seventieth Birthday Celebration Banquet (2/1/90)

The Reunification Of Korea And Cooperation Between East And West (2/2/90)

Declaration Of True Parents (3/1/90)

Declaration of True Parents (Different version) (3/1/90)

God And I (3/4/90)

The Creation Of My Heaven (3/11/90)

Parents Day And I (3/27/90)

Parents Day and I (Different version) (3/27/90)

The Flower Of Absolute Love (4/1/90)

The 11th World Media Conference (4/10/90)

True Unification and One World (4/10/90)

Completion Of The Dispensation And Our Father Country (4/22/90)

Proclamation Of True Parents (5/27/90)

Proclamation of True Sons and Daughters and Freedom (6/10/90)

Proclamation Of True Sons And Daughters And Freedom (slightly different version 6/10/90)

 Proclamation Of True Sons And Daughters And True Freedom (unofficial notes 6/10/90)

Leaders' Conference 6/14/90

Perfect Settlement of God's Will on Earth (6/15/90)

The Perfect Settlement Of God's Will (6/15/90)

Perfect Digestion And The Age Of Perfection (6/17/90)

Perfect Settlement Of The Will And Sovereign Thought (7/15/90)

Perfect Settlement Of the Will and Sovereign Thought (July 15, 1990)

Where God And Man Meet (7/22/90)

Let Us Return To God's Side (7/29/90)

The Palace Of Peaceful Heaven (8/12/90)

The Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages (8/31/90)

Heavenly Fatherism (9/1/90)

The Boarder Line Where I Am Needed (9/9/90)

Father's Nation Is My Nation (10/2/90)

Third Anniversary of the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (10/3/90)

Children's Day 1990 (10/17/90)

 Program for Peace, Islam and the Establishment of World Peace (10/21/90)

Love's Official Formula Course And Heavenly Fate (10/21/90)

The Official Course Of True Love And Heavenly Fate (10/21/90)

The Official Formula Course of Love and Heavenly Fate (10/21/90)

Program for Peace Islam and the Establishment of World Peace (October 21, 1990)

Individually Heaven And Man Will Join Together In Benevolence (10/28/90)

Heaven and Man Unite and Create Goodness (October 28, 1990)

The Tide Of The Heart (11/1/90)

An Encounter is Never an Accident (11/4/90)

In Yun And Encounter (11/4/90)

Inyun and Encounter [The Original Cause or Reason which brings Us Together] (11/4/90)

Children's Day November 17, 1990

We Come Back To The World Historical Eden (12/9/90)

Speech to Syrian Muslim Leaders (12/12/90)

Unification of My Land (12/13/90)

Unification Church National Conference (12/19/90)

Unofficial notes from: Speech At The Leaders Conference (12/19/90)

Moon American Blessed Couples' Conference (12/20/90)

Unification of My Country (12/30/90)


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