True Parents Words from 1994

1994 Motto, Seoul Korea, January 1, 1994:

"The Safe Settlement of True Parent and the Completed Testament Age"

 Table of Contents

1994 God's Day Addresses And Day Of Victory Of Love Leaders' Meeting Instructions (1/1-2/94)

The Time Of Liberation In The Providence And Our Safe Settlement (2/27/94)

Perfection is from True Love (2/6/94)

Truly Thank You, All Perfection Is From My True Love (2/6/94)

Yeon Jin Nim's Birthday (2/12/94)

Who Was I? (2/13/94)

Who Was I? (Excerpts 2/13/94)

True Parents and the Creation of the Ideal Family (2/15/94 - excerpt)

True Parents And The Creation Of The Ideal Family (February 15, 1994)

The Time Of Liberation In the Providence and Our Safe Settlement (February 27, 1994)

The Focal Point Of Settlement Which God Desires (3/6/94)

Peace and the 21st Century - The Fundamental Principle of True Peace (3/26/94)

The Settlement Of True Love Begins From The Top Central Position (4/17/94)

True Father's Forty Years Of Life Alone (4/24/94)

True Father's Forty Years of Life Alone (Excerpts 4/24/94)

Establishment of a World of True Heart-Centered Culture (5/1/94)

The New Family Pledge (5/8/94)

Create Your Ideal Family to Save the World (6/26/94)

The Ideal Family Is The Base For Peace And Unification (7/24/94)

The Time is Right for Godism (7/26/94)

Youth Federation For World Peace (7/26/94)

Let Us Realize And Pledge That My Family Is A Representative Family (7/31/94)

My Family Is A Representative Family (7/31/94)

20 Years of Ocean Work (8/1/94)

Father Addresses Japanese Women (11/3/94)

Explanation Of The Meaning Of The Family Federation For Unification And World Peace (11/23/94)

Find Your True Self (11/23/94)

Find Your True Self (another version 11/23/94)

November Leaders' Meeting (11/23/94)

Who Are The Parents Of Heaven And Earth And The Unified World? (11/27/94)

My Life Of Faith (12/1/94)

Let Us Find Our True Self (12/4/94)

December Leaders' Meeting (12/22/94)

Total Calculation Or Accounting Of God's Historical Providence (12/25/94)

Accounting Of God's Historical Providence (12/25/94)

Excerpts from the Midnight Speech, January 1, 1995 (1/1/95)

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